Divine Appointment

Never underestimate God’s ability to provide divine moments. If God says to do something, do it. Your obedience could change a life or plant a seed of hope.

Committed Relationships (WIM Core Values, 1 of 5)

[box color=”green” align=”left”] Who we are springs from our core values. WIM’s core values are the qualities that we as an organization deem most important. They are our highest principles and most deeply held beliefs. Like DNA, they define who we are and who we will become. Our core values are foundational to all that WIM represents. Other organizations may have the same or similar vision, but their core values… Read More »Committed Relationships (WIM Core Values, 1 of 5)

A Bicycle for Juan

By Ricky Oliver My friend Juan asked if I could get him a bicycle that he could use to get to work. Juan and his wife have a beautiful family with beautiful smiles. When I gave him the bicycle with two new spare tires and tubes, I forgot to take a picture. On my next trip, I went to his home to take a picture. Juan, his wife, and oldest… Read More »A Bicycle for Juan