Member Care

Honduras Prayer Retreat

The Honduras prayer retreat was a great time for all involved. The team in Honduras was able to rest and refocus while enjoying times of worship, fellowship and prayer…

New WIM Member Care Base in Spain

By Tony & Mary Ann Bianchi WIM Member Care is excited to announce the very first, soon-be-established, WIM regional Member Care base in Málaga, Spain! After jumping through many international hoops for what seemed like forever, Dick and Sue Steward have just been granted their residence visa for Spain. They should be on their way by the end of the year. From Málaga, their plan is to reach out and… Read More »New WIM Member Care Base in Spain

Steps to Prevent Missionary Burnout

By Mary Ann Bianchi, WIM Member Care Reality check When you hear the expression, “The straw that broke the camel’s back,” what do you think of? What meaning does that hold for you? A camel is designed to carry considerable loads, but there is a limit. One thing as seemingly inconsequential as a piece of straw can spell overload for even a camel. Think of your own back — the load… Read More »Steps to Prevent Missionary Burnout

Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood

By Tony Bianchi, WIM Member Care I have always admired missionary children for their maturity and ability to talk to adults. However, some of our missionary children face adult issues and grow up mentally and emotionally too fast. Normal, healthy childhood development may be lost or missed when our children are subjected to adult topics and uncensored emotions. In light of this, “The Real Loss of Childhood,” an article by… Read More »Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood