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Over the last year, I’ve been reading a book about raising healthy TCKs (Third Culture Kids). There are some wonderful benefits to raising your kids overseas (like an expanded global worldview, outside-the-box thinkers, an intuitive ability to empathize, etc.). But there are also challenges that many TCKs tend to face and that doesn’t often surface until their adult years.

Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood

By Tony Bianchi, WIM Member Care I have always admired missionary children for their maturity and ability to talk to adults. However, some of our missionary children face adult issues and grow up mentally and emotionally too fast. Normal, healthy childhood development may be lost or missed when our children are subjected to adult topics and uncensored emotions. In light of this, “The Real Loss of Childhood,” an article by… Read More »Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood