The Kingdom in the Bullring, Part 2


“For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power”

-1 Cor 4:20

The Morris Cerullo School of Ministry in Monterrey, Mexico, lasted five days with about five hundred people in attendance. In the daily sessions the speaker taught on the “imperishable seed” of the kingdom (I Pet 1:22-23)—a deep subject for most of us. At night Brother Cerullo preached on the glory and power of the Kingdom of God (Psa 145:11-12).

The School of Ministry plan, using the daily teaching of the Word of God, was to equip the students to minister at the citywide evangelistic meeting on the last night of the conference.  The evangelistic meeting was to be held in a bullring in downtown Monterrey.  The stadium was round, with about twenty or more circular rows of seats, each row higher than the other.  Those of us who had been trained at the school were instructed to scatter out and sit in every other row of seats so there would be a row of people in front of us and a row behind us.  We were told that after Brother Cerullo completed his message he would give us a signal, and all of us were to turn around, raise our hands, and begin to pray in a loud voice commanding evil spirits to come out of any people who might be oppressed of the devil.

On the night of the evangelistic service the stadium was filled with several thousand people–standing room only.  Brother Cerullo preached a powerful message on the kingdom of God.  When the time came, we were given the signal.  All five hundred of us stood to our feet, turned around, and faced the people.  We raised our hands and with a loud voice commanded that the demons come out of the people in Jesus’ name.  Immediately, those who were oppressed of the devil began to shake, cough, or fall to the floor as the demons came out of people (Mark 16:17).  We later learned that many were healed and born again.

Quite a demonstration of the power of the Kingdom of God over the kingdom of darkness took place in Monterrey, Mexico, that night (Col 1:13).  I was reminded that Jesus said, “But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you” (Mat 12:28).  Truly the Kingdom of God came that night to the bullring in Monterrey.

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