This Unresolved Issue of Death

It happened again for the umpteenth time. I called to tell an old friend about recent deaths in my family, and she flipped to a tale of the death of someone she knew. It’s not that I was… Read More

In the Beauty of His Holiness

Our adult Sunday school class is studying the Book of Esther this summer, and God is exposing truths this eager learner has never seen before. For instance, He said one key to understanding the ancient story is simply… Read More

Living Parables

New plant sprouting up

Scripture says of itself that all of it is God-breathed; all of it is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16). Maybe we have done well to memorize a portion of scripture and to ingest the Spirit of Holy… Read More

Staying in Tune

You are sick and ask for prayer. People respond, “We’re thinking about you.” Or, “We’re sending vibes your way.” We have already talked about the biblical perspective of thought in two previous blogs. But what about vibes? Is… Read More

More on Thoughts and Vibes

Gene’s soft Texas drawl is always a blessing to hear on the other end of the phone. We chatted a few minutes and learned the health status of one another and our respective spouses. Just before signing off with the usual “We-love-you-all-please-call-again-soon,” I gushed out, “It was really good to hear your voice, Gene. You all are often in my

“Vibrations” or Prayer?

If there is any unity of expression in the newsletters missionaries send, it is found either in their requests for prayer or in their thanksgiving for it. All missionaries desire and need prayer for their daily living, for their… Read More

Hunger for His Kingdom (Part 2)


I first started thinking seriously about the kingdom of God when I was at Fuller Theological Seminary in 1988. The kingdom of God was the main theme of the School of World Mission where I was attending. In… Read More