Vision and Core Values


EVANGELIZE the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ
ESTABLISH indigenous churches where there are none
EQUIP and serve leaders

Core Values

Every organization has a unique calling and design which is God-given. This design is reflected in the organization’s core values. While doctrinal statements define a belief in the unyielding truths of God, core values reveal the unique differences of focus between organizations. The following values of ministry are central to our existence as an organization.

Indigenous Principles

Indigenous is defined as “occurring or living naturally in an area; not introduced; native.” As a mission organization, our objective is not just to establish churches or works, but indigenous churches or works. Indigenous churches are self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating. Indigenous principles are foundational for doing missions effectively and are the heart of WIM. Learn more…


Our goal as a mission agency is to plant churches or works that will stand after the missionary has left. In order to do this strong national leadership must be in place. Strong leadership is developed according to the model begun by Christ, mentoring. Mentoring is developing covenant relationships with people and imparting life-lived truths on which a foundation for life and ministry can be based. This value is at the heart of our training both for new missionaries and national leaders. Learn more…

Committed Relationships

Our experience around the world has taught us that in every culture relationship is the key. More importantly, the whole message of the Gospel revolves around God’s relationship to man and man’s relationship to one another. More than a passing acquaintance, a committed relationship binds us to one another with the common bond of Christ’s love. It is a lifetime of laughing together, crying together, playing together, learning together, and growing together. At WIM, relationship is the foundation for ministry. Learn more…

Kingdom Perspective

A kingdom perspective demands that we build the Kingdom of God first and foremost. While our desire for this organization is growth, our heart is for the Kingdom of God to be established around the world. Therefore, this core value states that we are building the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of WIM, and we will network with other organizations in order to accomplish that purpose. Learn more…

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is included in our vision statement “…to equip and SERVE church leaders.” It is also a core value of WIM. True greatness in God’s Kingdom is measured by service. Jesus, who is our example, “did not come to be served, but to serve…” We, too, must lead by example as we seek to serve one another in love. Learn more…