• King City, CA

    Corruption Lost the Battle in King City

    By Joshua Allen Recently, some friends invited me to accom­pany them and their church to pray for a town 50 miles north of us, King City, CA. This town is on the divid­ing line between two major rival gangs. We joined with a Hispanic church in King City and walked the streets for two hours […]

  • Woman carrying a heavy load of grass in Nepal

    Steps to Prevent Missionary Burnout

    By Mary Ann Bianchi, WIM Member Care Reality check When you hear the expres­sion, “The straw that broke the camel’s back,” what do you think of? What mean­ing does that hold for you? A camel is designed to carry con­sid­er­able loads, but there is a limit. One thing as seem­ingly incon­se­quen­tial as a piece of […]

  • Candidates

    Six New Missionaries = Successful Orientation

    WIM staff mem­bers often say Orientation & Training is their favorite time of year. Why? For one, there’s lots of really good food (e.g. Dr. Toth’s spaghetti). That is enough for some to be con­vinced, but it gets even bet­ter. Although it is a lot of work to host the week-long train­ing, we love shar­ing from our hearts the things about […]

  • discipleship

    Go and Make Disciples

    By Ron Mouser “Please come and help us,” said the brother on the phone. He didn’t have to ask twice — he didn’t have to ask at all. I knew the Lord wanted me to go before the phone call. The Lord had been prepar­ing me. More and more I feel God pulling me to focus on inti­mate […]

  • time

    Heaven: It’s Not Your Time Yet

    By Tynan Barnes When I was 17 years old, I was an avid base­ball player in high school. I loved base­ball with a pas­sion. On March 4, 1999, we had a game. Unfortunately, I had for­got­ten my base­ball equip­ment at home. Without telling my coaches, I decided to drive home quickly in my 1967 Ford […]

  • people around kitchen table

    We Feel the Love!

    The fol­low­ing local busi­nesses have been so gra­cious to donate to World Indigenous Missions for Orientation and Training 2014. We are very grate­ful for their sup­port. Chili’s Cici’s Pizza The Donut Palace Granzin Bar-B-Q Logan’s Roadhouse McBee’s B-B-Q Montana Mike’s Naegelin’s Bakery Pure Party Ice Bluebell Creamery HEB Mamacita’s Olive Garden Thank you to the […]

  • Mexican man

    Husband and Father Transformed

    By Chris Trueworthy (Missionary 259) Names in this true story have been changed for the sake of pri­vacy. Mary came to church faith­fully pray­ing for her fam­ily. Once in a while, her hus­band, Santiago, would come and maybe her son or daugh­ter. She was there with­out fail. Then we noticed a change in her hus­band. He […]

  • pregnancy center schertz tx

    Saving lives…literally

    Today brings more good news about what WIM mis­sion­ar­ies are doing around the globe—in this case within 20 min­utes of WIM head­quar­ters. David and Shara Pierce (M262) have a deep com­mit­ment to the pro-life cause. Deep enough, in fact, that just a few months ago they were about to cross the globe to open preg­nancy cen­ters in Japan, […]

  • black pot cooking on fire outside

    Cross-Cultural Breakthrough in California

    By Joshua Allen I’ve been build­ing rela­tion­ships with the Mixteco peo­ple in a town on the cen­tral coast of California. I told them about how we held a gift-giving cer­e­mony for needy chil­dren dur­ing this past Christmas. We had pre­pared and counted 30 shoe­boxes filled with good­ies, but there were about 40 chil­dren present. After each child had […]

  • beer cans

    How Martin (and his family) came to Christ

    By Andrew Conrad (Missionary 126) Martin had been in and out of Alcoholics’ Anonymous most of his adult life.  When he was forty-five, he was diag­nosed with a ter­mi­nal case of liver cir­rho­sis and had less than a week to live.  Martin had heard the gospel most of his life.  His best friend was a pas­tor […]

  • camera and lights in studio

    Lights! Camera! Action!

    WIM was trans­formed into a film stu­dio this week when a gen­er­ous gift made it pos­si­ble for us to replace our 16-year-old, VHS-mastered mis­sion­ary train­ing videos. Thank you, Lord.

  • compass

    Servant Leadership (WIM Core Values, Part 5 of 5)

    By Chris Briles The story of King Rehoboam in I Kings 12 is an excel­lent exam­ple of what a ser­vant leader does not look like.  In con­sult­ing with the elders who had served Rehoboam’s father, King Solomon, they advised in verse 7, “If today you will be a ser­vant to these peo­ple and serve them […]