Make Love Known

By Sarah Pennington

“I saw something beautiful happen today. Our family was having a drink in a cafe when a gypsy child came in with an outstretched hand asking for money. We gave her some rubles and then talked with the boys about what had happened. As we left the cafe about thirty minutes later, we met the child again. She was begging on the stairs. Samuel smiled and waved and Joshua ran to her and threw his arms around her, hugging her tight. Her little face broke into a HUGE smile. My heart swelled with understanding.

“For a few seconds, she was not a beggar, but a best friend.”

She literally came alive with just a hug. She was ecstatic! For a second, she was a different child. She stands on those stairs, in the cold, in her ratty dress and probably gets ignored all day. For a few seconds, she was not a beggar, but a best friend. I realized, if she doesn’t know that I love her, then it is my fault. This moment started something in our hearts, and we are praying about it. The truth is, no one will know my love unless I make it known. So let’s make it known. Let’s love.”

Sarah and her husband Chad have a vision for sharing Christ, making disciples, and loving intentionally. They are passionate about taking back what the enemy has stolen and are committed to living a natural life in a supernatural way.

One Comment on “Make Love Known

  1. This story melted my heart. I had worked in Moscow in 1993 and encountered the Gypsy children, but in a different way. That summer the Gypsy families organized as gangs that as soon as you were moved to give them something they would attack you and take everything you had on your person (backpack, passport, money, ID’s, etc) so I stayed away from them and never gave them anything. If only I had tried this act of love on them, maybe it would have been different.

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