Make a Global Impact No Matter Where you Are

You have a passion to reach the lost. You want to make a difference through global missions. However, you feel like you can’t. Perhaps you feel that you are limited because you are in a season of your life when you must remain where you are. Don’t worry. Even if life has you planted firmly in a small town, you can still make a global impact. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, even the smallest actions create a ripple effect with the potential to reach across the world. Here are some ways to impact global missions from any location.


While it may seem simple and obvious, prayer is one of the most important ways to make a difference in global missions. Pray for more workers to go into the field. Pray for missionaries by name and let them know you pray for them. Ask missionaries how you can specifically pray for them. Pray for specific countries and areas of the world.


You can support global missions several ways. Providing financial support to missionaries and mission organizations is one way. Another way is through communication with missionaries. Depending on technology restrictions, there are several ways to communicate, such as email, Skype, phone, communication apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Ask the missionary which way they prefer to communicate. Reaching out to them (especially between newsletter updates) provides great encouragement and helps them battle feelings of isolation. If a missionary is in town, take them out for dinner, see if they need help finding a place to stay or maybe a car to use. If they have children, offer childcare so they can have a date night and recharge. These small acts of kindness are such a blessing to missionaries. You can also make a global impact by volunteering your time and services at your local missions agency. Learn more about ways to volunteer here.

Gather Information about Global Missions

Articles, books, and videos about the history of missions, missions training, or even inspirational stories from the field help us learn more and equip us with knowledge to fulfill the call of the Great Commission.

Reach Out to Internationals in Your Community

Maybe you can’t leave the country to reach the nations, but the nations may be closer than you think by way of immigrants in your community. Scott Slayton recommends in a post on the IMB website: “Approach internationals living in your community as neighbors. Show them hospitality. Welcome them into your circle of friends. Find out the difficulties they face as they settle into a new home. Learn how you can minister to them and serve them in Jesus’s name.”

No matter your location, you can still make a difference. You just have to start.

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