Who We Are

Since its origin among the indigenous peoples of Mexico in 1981, World Indigenous Missions has sent ordinary people around the world for one purpose: to disciple the nations to reach the world. “Indigenous” is a big word with a simple definition. It means homegrown or existing naturally in its own area. When it comes to cross-cultural ministry, we believe this means equipping local workers to influence their own people with God’s love and truth.

The face of missions has changed drastically over the past century. Today, it can resemble anything from leading worship to teaching English. It can be planting churches, caring for orphans, conducting “business as mission,” developing creative media or training leaders. Whether you’ve got two weeks or twenty years to invest in the work, WIM will equip you to obey the Great Commission.

EVANGELIZE the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ

ESTABLISH indigenous churches where there are none

EQUIP and serve leaders

“WIM sends people to visit us and we are able to have lots of discussions around our table about life on the field. They listen, encourage and pray for us. All who have visited us have served on the mission field, so when they tell us they understand, they really do. This is a hard season we are in and we definitely needed the extra encouragement. I’m so thankful for our WIM family! We joined them in 2011 and it is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.” -Ivonne

Become a part of the family

WIM is a close-knit family of individuals with big dreams for the nations. We operate through personal relationships with our members.

We are a family. When asked what WIM is, any one of our missionaries will tell you the same thing: it is a family. As a core value, committed relationships are the heart of our organization. WIM can help its members to be the most effective missionaries possible, enabling us to accomplish much more together as a family than would be possible as individuals.

We will serve you

The directors, the office staff, the intercessors and the ambassadors of WIM are here for the purpose of serving the needs of the missionary. People are often surprised by the amount of administration required to function effectively as a missionary. From newsletters to technology to donor relations, we are here to ease your administrative headaches. We also serve you by providing excellent financial accounting and reporting to your donors for all donations received. We serve you so you can serve the nations.

We will train you

At WIM we understand that living cross-culturally can be a daunting task. Ministering is even harder. That is why we will train you to do both. Under the tutelage of an experienced missionary, you will learn, over a two-year period, the tools necessary to be an effective cross-cultural minister.

We will care for you

The WIM leadership cares about your spiritual and emotional health. We will visit you regularly while you are on the field to encourage and strengthen you in mind and spirit. For many, our leaders have brought specific insight to problems they are facing. However, for most, the leaders are that welcome “ear” to listen as you talk, then laugh and cry with you. WIM also believes in the power of the family to encourage and heal. That is why regular conferences are held to bring the whole WIM family together for mutual encouragement. Most importantly, our office staff will pray for you daily.

We will pray for you

Arriving on the mission field is not just an end to a challenging preparation period. It is the beginning of a new ministry. WIM has developed a network of intercessors who will pray for your needs.